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It has been a very long time...

iom under construction

As you can see from the last time any one has posted its been years... 4 to be exact. And to be honest I am not even sure if I am up to start making Icons again. But I am going to give it a try shortly. But i see photobucket has changed its policy, and since all mine and most of the people who posted on here Icons were from photobucket, looks like I will have to fix things as well. So bare with me while I revamp, and also work on Icons. Even if I do not make more (although I hope to make more, its why I clicked on to this community in the first place today) I will at least make old Icons accessible again, at least mine.

I am not even sure how many people even still use livejournal who would be following this community at all, but if you are still out there, I say hello! let me know how you are doing? hope you are all well... I should also probably update my personal livejournal, as its been a few years for that as well, not as many as this... but still...

Well hopefully I hear from some of you soon!
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057: 102 Stock Icons :D

102 Stock Icons

Photobucket photo MusicalPanties-St0000000000000000002621_zps9f9045ec.png photo MusicalPanties-St0000000000000000002752_zpsd5c0f558.png photo MusicalPanties-St0000000000000000002663_zps647d0931.png

I will have a batch for easter by friday, and request post will be done by next thursday. :D Hope you all have a great weekend! :D Enjoy.

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Credit musicalpanties please.
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Goodbye to you

The title says it all. I will leave this community as a maker. This isn't some last minute dicision but something I already thought about for a while. Sometimes I felt presured to post something here because I hadn't done so in a while and then it ended with a small batch. Since I like to offer bigger batches and not leave people with a max of 20 icons leaving felt like the best decision. If you want to continue to follow my work you can find me at recycle.
But I will not leave without nothing so here's a small goodbye batch for you guys.

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Topic Requests & Survey...

I have tried atleast ten times this past week to start working on Icons, and even though I have over 3,000 Images saved to my computer everytime I go to make something, I have no actual motivation or inspiration to actually make icons. So that being said, I find it helps to have a request posts to help make me make icons.

The First 20 people to post ONE theme of their choice will get 4 icons made on their chosen theme! You may save a spot, but you must give me a theme within 48 hrs. or i will move on to the next available poster... so go comment with a theme my lovies!

Please keep your themes pretty general, a person is not a theme. All Icons will be share able.

Survey Time:

Poll #1901283 Inspire Once More

Do you use dreamwidth?

I use it more than livejournal
I use livejournal more

Where would you like to see Inspireoncemore?


What type of things do you want here?

Music Mixes
Themed Posts
Icon Battles
Last Maker Standing Contests
Requests Posts
Anonymous posts
Social Posts
Fun Contests

Type of Icons you would like to see in the near future?

Holidays (whatever holiday is coming up)
Random Objects

Any suggestions, comments you would like to add?

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056: 116 Stock

116 Stock Icons


First Section are Icons from the last two Icon Battles held here and their alternates...then some of the guessing game icons and winter stock :D

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Credit musicalpanties please.
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Pimping and Mod Post...

First If you haven't noticed yet, alot of our makers here are making their posts members only, due to spam and hotlinkers... I have to agree that it is the easiest route... So as of tomorrow all old posts of mine atleast will be going to members only, except the latest 3. I will keep current posts open for atleast a few weeks to make it easier for members... but to limit spam comments, i have to go to members only after a while.

I know I have been MIA and I am sorry. I will be around more often starting now. I will be posting sunday night or monday morning. So look to a yummy post then.

Now pimping, I am sorry to do this, but this fun community I joined could use members...

So many of you are landcomm addicts... and some of you have no interest in them...

No matter which one you are, I think this might peek your interest.

bingo_land... It is technically a land comm, but all there is to it is Bingo. Every couple weeks they have a bingo game or two and its a great place to test your random luck, while socializing with friends... It is a great way to make friends. My team currently needs members who are active, so if you are interested go apply!! The more people we get the more fun it could be!!

Even if you have never ever in your life played in a landcomm, you dont need to worry, this is just a great place to socialize i promise! so please come join me in it!
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95 icons

Thanks for your suggestions guys. I tried to do as much as possible. Resulting in a big batch of icons.
Alex Oloughlin, Allison Mack, Amy Adams [1 - 21] Anna Torv, Beniciode l Toro, Carrie Underwood [22 - 50] Kesha, Lucy Lu, Mat Bomer [51 - 68] Melissa Mars, Richard Armitage, Rupert Grind [69 - 83] Timothy Olyphant, Tom Hiddleston [84 - 95]

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