Andy (musicalpanties) wrote in inspireoncemore,

Suggestion Box

We used to have one of these, and it kind of got lost in the mix... so its back!!

Suggestion Box

We would love to take suggestions on what to icon at inspireoncemore. This is not a request post. This is simply, when we feel uninspired or want to know what you guys want, we will come here. So with that said here are a few things you could to do. 

1. Suggest a Topic or theme weather it be a TV show, Movie, Character, Actor/Actress, Band, and especially a Stock Topic or theme. 

2. Post your tumblr, or we heart it account. Both go a long way on helping us find images we know you specifically like. I use weheartit alot for finding images, and i follow people who i find have interesting images, so if you want to share yours feel free. 

3. Tell us what you like or dislike about this community, we would love to see inspireoncemore grow more, and love to keep everyone as a member or follower... so if there is something you'd like to see us doing, or something you would like to see us not do let us know. 
Tags: !mod post, !suggestions

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