Andy (musicalpanties) wrote in inspireoncemore,

It has been a very long time...

iom under construction

As you can see from the last time any one has posted its been years... 4 to be exact. And to be honest I am not even sure if I am up to start making Icons again. But I am going to give it a try shortly. But i see photobucket has changed its policy, and since all mine and most of the people who posted on here Icons were from photobucket, looks like I will have to fix things as well. So bare with me while I revamp, and also work on Icons. Even if I do not make more (although I hope to make more, its why I clicked on to this community in the first place today) I will at least make old Icons accessible again, at least mine.

I am not even sure how many people even still use livejournal who would be following this community at all, but if you are still out there, I say hello! let me know how you are doing? hope you are all well... I should also probably update my personal livejournal, as its been a few years for that as well, not as many as this... but still...

Well hopefully I hear from some of you soon!
Tags: !maker: musicalpanties, !mod post

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