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09 February 2010 @ 02:20 pm
Looking For NEW MAKERS  
 photo banner10macopy.png

Applications are OPEN.

Answer The Following Questions below, Then each of our  Makers will vote on wether to accept you as a trial maker. 
If you have been accepted as a maker, you must follow the following rules.

Rules For Trial Makers
-You will get 5 posts
-All posts MUST be completed within three weeks of posting access given to maker.
-All entries Must be taged with Trialmaker: yourusernamehere
-All entries can be open for three weeks, then must go to members only. [also must put a warning on post saying that it will go to members only in three weeks time]
-NO Linking back to another community, or journal

Musicalpanties/Andy will Contact you if you have been accepted as a trial maker
Once you have been finished your trial posts, we will then let members of the community vote for wether to keep you as a trial maker.

If you have anyquestions, please let me know.

Location or General Location:
Communities you post at [please include any you are trial makers at, or recently applied to as well]:
Why do you want to post here?:
What do you want to get from this community?:
What can you offer this community?:
What are your favorite things/subjects to icon?:
Do you take requests?:
Why should we pick you?:
Are you willing to promote this community?:
Approx. frequency of posting:
20 to 30 (recent) icon examples:
10 (recent) banner examples:
Any other graphic examples:
Anything else youd like to say: