Andy (musicalpanties) wrote in inspireoncemore,

Looking For NEW MAKERS

 photo banner10macopy.png

Applications are OPEN.

Answer The Following Questions below, Then each of our  Makers will vote on wether to accept you as a trial maker. 
If you have been accepted as a maker, you must follow the following rules.

Rules For Trial Makers
-You will get 5 posts
-All posts MUST be completed within three weeks of posting access given to maker.
-All entries Must be taged with Trialmaker: yourusernamehere
-All entries can be open for three weeks, then must go to members only. [also must put a warning on post saying that it will go to members only in three weeks time]
-NO Linking back to another community, or journal

Musicalpanties/Andy will Contact you if you have been accepted as a trial maker
Once you have been finished your trial posts, we will then let members of the community vote for wether to keep you as a trial maker.

If you have anyquestions, please let me know.

Location or General Location:
Communities you post at [please include any you are trial makers at, or recently applied to as well]:
Why do you want to post here?:
What do you want to get from this community?:
What can you offer this community?:
What are your favorite things/subjects to icon?:
Do you take requests?:
Why should we pick you?:
Are you willing to promote this community?:
Approx. frequency of posting:
20 to 30 (recent) icon examples:
10 (recent) banner examples:
Any other graphic examples:
Anything else youd like to say:


Tags: !makerapplications

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